Hello out there in OneFM listening land,

I am presenter Cooga you can find me on air on Saturday nights from 6:00 pm through to 9:00 pm, Saturday night is usually party time for most red blooded Aussies, so I hope you will all join me at the scheduled time for some FANTASIC music mix of country, Rock n Roll and a little easy listening stuff, I like to play a lot of early ROCK N ROLL the sort of music most baby boomers and before grew up on I am also partial to the early country music and of course our much loved crooners of this era I believe it to be the greatest music are the world will ever see.So come along Saturday nights from 6:00 pm and put in request or send someone a Cheerio.

Just a little about me I am in the 50 age bracket, married with 2 beeewtiful adult daughters.I am in the transport industry and have been most of my working life. My hobbies are enjoying family days having an odd day on the golf course, having the occasional flutter on the g g's, dancing (r n r), social gathering with good friends, gardening.

Hope this information can paint a small picture of me for you