Roman Koz

Roman Koz began his love affair with music listening to the poignant lyrics sung by Ricky Nelson, the harmonies of the Everly Brothers and the Do Wop style of Dion and the Belmonts. Any song with unusual lyrics like “bop bop, dip dip, rama lama ding dong” that have a relatively fast to really fast rock and roll beat automatically has Roman joining in harmonizing, singing and tapping his feet in all sorts of ways.  Beware: do not travel with him in a car if that type of song is playing!

However, he also loves songs whose lyrics tell a beautiful story whether it be a matter of love or a life story: the sort of song female country singers excel at as well as John Williamson songs of life in the bush and surrounding areas.

Roman is a fan of the western television shows of the late 1950’s and through the 1960’s and can rattle off the stars, character names and sometimes the name of the horses ridden by his boyhood heroes. He loved the old radio serials such as Dad and Dave, Hop Harrigan, Biggles, Tarzan and don’t tell anyone but he listened to Portia Faces Life too. The comedy radio shows led by Jack Davey and Willie Fennell in “Life With Dexter” hold fond memories as did listening to plays hosted on the Lux Radio Show on Sunday nights.

Roman has loved horse race betting for over five decades as well as enjoying the characters of the racetrack. The racing world fascinated him from the days of listening to Bert Bryant calling races and legendary Cliff Cary explaining the reasons for his selections. He has never been a big punter but loves the weekly challenge much the same as golfers or lawn bowlers feel each weekend.At present he is tapping away at a book explaining all his punting theories many of which have been learnt the hard way


Roman is on 98.5 One-FM on Thursdays between 3-6pm and he hopes his listeners enjoy the weekly musical journey as much as he does.