The purpose of this policy is to outline the most appropriate way for GVCR INC. to respond to complaints, and other comments from members of the public.

Goulburn Valley Community Radio Inc believes that as a community station, it is our responsibility to represent the community interest of the Goulburn Valley region and the specific community groups operating within this area.  As such, any complaints are of great interest to us in helping us to better meet the needs of the community.  The privacy and well being of station staff and volunteers will be respected at all times whilst any investigation into a complaint is made.

GVCR INC. acknowledges the right of our listeners, members and volunteers to comment and make complaints in writing concerning:

  • alleged non-compliance with both the licence conditions in the Act and the requirements outlined in the Codes,
  • program content, and;
  • the general service provided to the community.

We will broadcast at least one on-air announcement each day that contains information about the Codes and where listeners can get a copy.

GVCR INC. will make every reasonable effort to resolve complaints, except where a complaint is clearly frivolous, without sufficient grounds or not made in good faith. At no time is it ever acceptable for staff or volunteers to be abused, threatened or subjected to aggressive behaviour of any nature or in any form including, verbal, writen, digital, physical or on social media.

GVCR INC. will ensure that:

  • complaints will be conscientiously considered, investigated if necessary and responded to substantively as soon as possible
  • complaints will be responded to in writing within 60 days of receipt (as required in the Act, and the response will include a copy of the Codes)

Complainants are advised in writing that they have the right to refer their complaint about a Code matter to ACMA provided they have first:

  • formally lodged their complaint with the licensee, and received a substantive response from the licensee and are dissatisfied with this response or did not receive a response from the licensee within 60 days after making the complaint.

A written complaint or response can be a letter, fax or email

A responsible officer of the licensee will maintain a record of complaints and responses for a period of at least two years from the date of the complaint.

The record of complaints and responses will be made available to ACMA on request.