Community Service Announcements

Here at One FM we love to promote local community organisations and events. So if you’re one of the following;
– A local Non-Profit
– Hosting a community event
– Running a fundraiser for a local club or group
– Or would like to promote a health or safety message.
ONE FM runs a Community Service Announcement (CSA) hourly between 6am and 12pm. These are read live by our presenters and priority is given to events occurring the soonest. Unfortunately due to volume of CSA’s we receive ONE FM can’t guarantee your CSA will be read every day. To make sure our listeners get to opportunity to hear your announcement please attempt to submit at least 2 weeks in advance of the event.

As part of our new website we now take online submissions and this is our preferred method of receiving a new CSA.

So click the link to our CSA form and provide a 80-100 word submission and our admin will process the request if the CSA meets the criteria it will be placed into rotation within 2 business days.

CSA Form


Submissions should include;

– Who is hosting the event
– Why is the event occurring
– When the event is occurring
– If there is a cost involved
– And any relevant contact details, ie Phone number, Website address, email.