GVCR INC. (ONE FM) Programming Policy

Mission Statement

Goulburn Valley Community Radio INC./ONE FM 98.5 “Live & Local”  is a proactive and dynamic broadcasting medium successfully catering to the needs of those not adequately serviced by mainstream media.

We do this by:

  • providing a diverse range of programs giving equal access of the airwaves to all presenters;
  • promoting multicultural and diverse demographic components of the local community;
  • guaranteeing a quality product for all our sponsors to promote their goods and services within the licensed area.
  • ONE FM 98.5 is a uniquely individual community radio station that continually strives to maintain the highest standard of professionalism.
  • We believe that values drive behaviour and the values driving our behaviors are:
  • First class programs & broadcasting
  • Inclusion & accessibility
  • New technology & innovation embraced
  • Exceptional service delivery
  • Managing responsibly
  • Unique content and recordings
  • Staff & volunteers respected alike
  • Integrity, ethics & accountability
  • Community relevance


Core Values

  1. Community focus
  2. Opportunity and Access
  3. Inclusion and Culture.


Objects Of Association

  • To maintain a Community Broadcasting Licence pursuant to the provisions of the Australian Broadcasting Services Act of 1992 whilst adhering to our obligatory requirements as speciifed in our licence conditions provided by the ACMA
  • To provide entertainment, information and radio access to the local community whilst striving to acheive professional standards of program production and presentation that are compliant with our sectors codes of conduct.
  • To serve as an avenue to communicate vital information to people in our broadcast area on behalf of local not for profit groups, service providers and emergency services.
  • To cultivate an awareness and appreciation of all types of Australian music with particular emphasis on encouraging local performers.
  • To provide an opportunity for wider and further education in liaison with local education institutions, youth groups and social services including seeking and encouraging participation from people aged under 21.
  • To provide a forum for debating topical and community issues.
  • To provide a focal point for information concerning access to community services and encouraging participation in local government, community and charity projects.
  • To assist other groups within the community whose objects are similar to those of the Association.
  • To monitor community needs and responses and to incorporate community needs and responses into programmes produced by the Association.

Programme Philosophy

Central to the Programming Philosophy is the need for ONE FM to meet the needs and desires of the citizens of the Goulburn Murray Region within the resources available to ONE FM at any given period. Providing balanced programming that reflects those requirements as well as giving fair and reasonable access and opportunity to community groups will provide ONE FM with material and human resources.

Given that the current population of the broadcast area is estimated at over

200 000 people (2018), the COM and programming management will adhere to a decision making process that includes the following considerations when deciding on which programs will go to air, remain on-air or be taken off air;

  • Similar existing programs on other local stations
  • Public demand
  • Equity related issues
  • Compatibility with existing station policy/direction
  • Resources – financial and human
  • Availability of time

On-Air Criteria

The Programming team will regularly (at least quarterly) review our overall program schedule. The content that we put to air will always require amending as we reflect our ever-changing community. For example, we may move certain “shows” to a time better suited for the target audience, introduce new or remove existing shows in line with our current strategic direction, or change the content, or presenters of existing shows.

In addition, one of our organisation’s key objectives is to provide a means for aspiring broadcasters from the local community to gain industry experience. We therefore actively encourage members to become announcers and must be able to accommodate these new volunteers into our programming schedule.

For the above to occur, we will need to ask from time to time current announcers to give up their slot or part there of; for a period of time. This is simply to allow others to “have a go” and not necessarily always a permanent change. We wish all announcers, current or past, to be active members of the organisation, and announcers that make way for others, and continue to contribute will be given preference when new slots become available.

The decision on who to ask to give up a show should the need arise will be based on (but not limited to) the following criteria (listed in no particular order of importance):

  • Compliance of current show to station policies, procedures and guidelines, including but not limited to:
  • Prepared and worked to a template that has been approved by Programming
  • Played all required pre-recorded segments as per the logs (e.g. sponsor announcements)
  • Provided evidence of continually seeking ways to improve the show, working with the Programming Team or Management where appropriate
  • Evidence of prior preparation of the show
  • Evidence of involving and promoting community interest in the show (this does not mean popularity of the show)
  • Participated in activities of the committee for which member has volunteered
  • Contributed, in writing, to a grant application
  • Provided a qualified (i.e. likely) sponsorship lead
  • Provided constructive feedback
  • Complied with the Community Radio Codes of Practice
  • Complied with ONE FM’s Standards, Procedures Policies and Guidelines
  • Compliance with administrative procedures
  • Contributed positively to the ONE FM website
  • Read the ONE FM website/Facebook page and various notice boards at the station.
  • Attended required member meetings (e.g. AGM; relevant “presenters” meetings, etc.)
  • Assist in new initiatives as requested by Management.
  • Paid membership fees on time.

Put simply, the more an announcer contributes to the organisation “off-air”, the better chance they will remain on-air.

Note:  Non-compliance with Station Policy on Procedures, Rules and Standards may not only result in removal of a presenter from on air duties, but may also jeopardise membership.

Program Standards

Prohibited Matter

As licensee ONE FM will not permit the broadcasting of program which may;

  • Incite, encourage or present for their own sake violence or brutality;
  • Simulate news or events in such a way as to mislead or alarm listeners;
  • Present as desirable the misuse of alcoholic liquor;
  • Promote or advertise the use of tobacco;
  • Present as desirable the misuse of drugs or narcotics.
  • Incite or perpetuate hatred against; or gratuitously vilify; any person or group on the basis of ethnicity, nationality, race, gender, sexual preference, religion or mental disability.  ONE FM recognises the need for equity and social justice in program content and opportunity.
  • Be harmful to children in any way


Australian Music

ONE FM will ensure that during the Australian Performance Period;

(a)        Not less than 30% of the total time occupied in the broadcasting of music shall consist of music performed by Australians.

(b)        For the purposes of paragraph  (a) where more than one performer is involved in a musical performance, that performance shall be predominantly by Australians.

  • Where, at any time during the Australian Performance Period, ONE FM broadcasts music or musical items dictated by listener requests:
  • The time occupied in the broadcasting of music may be reduced by the time occupied by music broadcast as a result of such listener requests;

(ii)        The total number of musical items broadcast may be reduced by the number of musical items broadcast as a result of such listener requests.

(d)        Paragraph (a) shall not apply during “Specialist” programs including but not limited to Culturally and Linguistically Diverse, Sport and Current Affair programs.

News Programs

News services transmitted by ONE FM must;

  • Present news accurately.
  • Not present news in such away as to create public panic, or unnecessary distress to listeners.
  • Distinguish news from comment.



All contests transmitted by ONE FM must;

  1. (a) Be conducted fairly

            (b)        Announce winners on air

            (c)        Be restricted to members of the public and exclude;

                        (i)         Employees of ONE FM

                        (ii)        Family members of employees and or volunteers of ONE FM            

                        (iii)       Contest winners within the previous calendar month



ONE FM will not transmit the words of an identifiable person unless;

(a)        That person has been informed in advance that the words may be transmitted; or is retransmitting the words of an individual who has already given consent to be speaking on radio

(b)        In the case of words, which have been recorded without the knowledge of the person, that person has subsequently, but prior to the transmission, indicated consent to the transmission of the words

 (c)       Interviews will be pre-organised and aim to run no longer than 5 minutes unless during a “specialised” or interview type program

(d)        All interviews aired on ONE FM will comply with the “Community Radio Codes of Practice”


Current Affairs Program

Objectives: The objective of this program standard is to ensure that current affairs programs are presented;

(a)        With accuracy and fairness; and

(b)        In a way, which allows informed public debate on issues, which affect the community when applicable and pratical.



(a)        Factual material is presented accurately and that reasonable efforts are made to correct substantial errors of fact at the earliest possible opportunity;

            (b)        Factual material is distinguished from commentary and analysis;                     

                        Commentary/analysis may include opinion or elaboration.

(c)        Reasonable efforts are made or reasonable opportunity given to present significant points of view when dealing with controversial issues of public importance, either within the same program or in similar programs, while that issue has relevance to the community;

Appropriate research, time and opportunity must be given for interested or relevant parties within a reasonable time to provide fairness and enhance newsworthy reporting to the public.

(d)        Viewpoints are not misrepresented, and material is not presented in a misleading manner by giving wrong or improper emphasis, by editing out of context, or by withholding relevant available facts;

(e)        Respect is given to each person’s legitimate right to protection from unjustifiable use of material which is obtained without an individual’s consent or other unwarranted and intrusive invasions of privacy;

(f)        Issues involving children and/or others unable to understand the implications of their comments or actions will be assessed on an individual basis by the COM and management of ONE FM in conjunction with relevant government authorities prior to any transmissions.


Political Programming / Commentary

ONE FM is an apolitical radio broadcaster. Program content of a political nature MUST always be clearly identified as such. Producers and announcers must ensure that content presented has been researched and that due consideration has been given to all points of view. Fair and reasonable opportunity must be given to all parties involved in the respective issue or discussion.

Producers and announcers must have the content approved by Management and Program Director.

Producers and announcers must have completed the Announcers’ Training Course, which will address this area.

All producers and announcers must adhere to ONE FM’s Constitutional Objects, ONE FM Station Policy and the Australian Broadcasting Authority Codes of Practice.