ONE FM (GVCR INC.) will encourage sponsorship to raise the station’s annual revenue in the following areas;

(a)        Announcements: packages of pre-recorded and live announcements  (15, 30 and 60 second duration options) which promote products/services of businesses. These businesses are recognised on-air as sponsors supporting the station.

These will NOT exceed five minutes per hour in total.

(b)        Program Dedication: specific pre-recorded or live programs are sponsored by businesses (program duration will vary). These businesses are recognized on-air as sponsors supporting the station. Time allocated for this will be calculated into the permitted five minutes per hour.

(c)        Production Fee: ONE FM can act as producers for audio recordings and charge a fee.

(d)        Production Facility Fee: ONE FM can lease the studio facilities to community groups  or individuals at a set fee as directed by management.


Information provided to potential sponsors

ONE FM will produce proposals for potential clients, which will include:        

(a)        Introduction     (includes explanation of ONE FM and its purpose)           

(b)        Concept          (the specific package/activity/program)           

(c)        Value               (the specific value to the client from the concept)           

(d)        Cost                 (the specific payment structure from the client to the station)

(e)        Obligations      (obligations from both parties to each other)

(f)        Contract          (a copy of the legally binding contract to be signed by both parties)

(g)        Timeline          (on-air schedule/copy approval/payment /dates)

No sponsor will have real or implied influence on programme content.

All sponsors will be made aware that the station will honour the stipulated terms of agreement but under no circumstances will the station allow a sponsor to gain an unfair advantage over any individuals, groups, businesses of any other body.

In addition sponsorship will not be available for the use of political gain or manipulation.

All sponsors will be clearly informed that only the station will make decisions on; broadcasting staff, schedules and other station responsibilities.