Sexual Harassment Policy


ONE FM (GVCR Inc.) will fiercely defend the right of every employee and volunteer to perform their work without being subjected to sexual harassment. Every employee and volunteer is responsible for providing an environment that is supportive of this aim. Everyone must treat everyone else with respect and must aim to act as a beacon for good behaviour in the workplace.

It is the obligation and responsibility of every employee and volunteer to ensure that the workplace is free from sexual harassment. Everyone working at ONE FM (GVCR Inc.) is responsible for the care and protection of our people and for reporting information about suspected sexual harassment.

ONE FM (GVCR Inc.)Is fully committed to its obligation to prevent and eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace.



The purpose of this document is to outline ONE FM (GVCR Inc.) position on sexual harassment and to document the process which is to be followed should any grievances arise.



Sexual harassment means any unwelcome sexual advance, unwelcome request for sexual favours, or other unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature which makes a person feel offended, humiliated or intimidated, and where that reaction is reasonable in the circumstances. Examples of sexual harassment include, but are not limited to,

  • staring or leering
  • unnecessary familiarity, such as deliberately brushing up against you or unwelcome touching
  • suggestive comments or jokes
  • insults or taunts of a sexual nature
  • intrusive questions or statements about your private life
  • displaying posters, magazines or screen savers of a sexual nature
  • sending sexually explicit emails or text messages
  • inappropriate advances on social networking sites
  • accessing sexually explicit internet sites
  • requests for sex or repeated unwanted requests to go out on dates
  • behaviour that may also be considered to be an offence under criminal law, such as physical assault, indecent exposure, sexual assault, stalking or obscene communications


Behaviour that is based on mutual attraction, friendship and respect is not sexual harassment.



ONE FM (GVCR Inc.) will not tolerate sexual harassment under any circumstances. Responsibility lies with the Manager, Supervisor and employee/volunteer to ensure that sexual harassment does not occur.

Both federal and state Equal Employment Opportunity legislation provide that sexual harassment is unlawful and establish minimum standards of behaviour for all employees.

This policy applies to conduct that takes place in any work-related context, including conferences, work functions, social events and business trips.

No employee or volunteer at any level should subject any other employee, volunteer, customer or visitor to any form of sexual harassment.

A breach of this policy will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. 

ONE FM (GVCR Inc.) strongly encourages any employee who feels they have been sexually harassed to take immediate action. If an employee or volunteer feels comfortable in doing so, they can raise the issue with the person directly with a view to resolving the issue by discussion. The employee or volunteer should identify the harassing behaviour, explain that the behaviour is unwelcome and offensive and ask that the behaviour stops.

However, given the seriousness of sexual harassment, we recommend that this discussion happens in consultation with the relevant General Manager or relevant supervisor.

Once a report is made the organisation will determine how the report should be dealt with in accordance with its obligations and this policy.

Any reports of sexual harassment will be treated seriously and promptly with sensitivity. Such reports will be treated as completely confidential but the person the subject of the complaint must be notified under the rules of natural justice. The organisation will protect all those involved in the process from victimisation.

Complainants have the right to determine how to have a complaint treated, to have support or representation throughout the process, and the option to discontinue a complaint at any stage of the process.

The alleged harasser also has the right to have support or representation during any investigation, as well as the right to respond fully to any formal allegations made. There will be no presumptions of guilt and no determination made until a full investigation has been completed.

No employee or volunteer will be treated unfairly as a result of rejecting unwanted advances. Disciplinary action may be taken against anyone who victimises or retaliates against a person who has complained of sexual harassment or against any employee or volunteer who has been alleged to be a harasser.

All employees and volunteers have the right to seek the assistance of the relevant tribunal or legislative body to assist them in the resolution of any concerns.

Managers or Supervisors who fail to take appropriate corrective action when aware of harassment of a person will be subject to disciplinary action.