Karen Groves and Nigel Parsons on Shepparton Theatre Arts Group’s new show ‘It Takes Two’ Volume Two


This interview first aired on Tuesday the 5th of March, 2024 on ONE FM 98.5 Shepparton.

One FM fill-in breakfast announcer Plemo interviews Karen Groves and Nigel Parson’s from Shepparton Theatre Arts Group (STAG)’s new show ‘It Takes Two – Volume Two’.

After the success of It Takes Two, Shepparton Theatre Arts Group is back with, It Takes Two-Volume 2 The Greatest Duet Hits of All Time.

It Takes Two-Volume 2 The Greatest Duet Hits of All Time. will be on Saturday the 9th of March at 2pm and 7pm at Riverlinks Eastbank – 70 Welsford Street, Shepparton

Experience the magic once again with Shepparton Theatre Arts Group’s latest production, “It Takes Two-Volume 2: The Greatest Duet Hits of All Time.” Step into the vibrant atmosphere of a ‘live’ variety show, where timeless duet hits from the 1960s to the present day come to life. From classics like “Jackson” and “Mockingbird” to modern favorites such as “Kids” and “Shallow,” this show promises an unforgettable musical journey.

Be captivated by the outstanding performances of Shepparton’s talented singers, dancers, and actors, including Nigel Parsons, Matt Dowling, Stevie Renee, Andrew Nicholls, Debbie McAlloon, Troy McKindley, Kat Bristol, Renee Rankin, Megan Scott, Leigh Johnson, Wendy Russell, Lisa Worley, Sophie Fimmel, and many more. Led by the skilled direction of Karen Groves, Nicky Pummeroy, David Shelley, and Mel Matthews, the show boasts a stellar cast and crew that will leave you wanting more.

Don’t miss the chance to reminisce and be entertained by this spectacular production. Join us for a night of music, dance, and sheer talent that will leave you in awe.

COST – Full $40.00

CONTACT Riverlinks Box Office: 03 5832 9511 to buy tickets or go to https://riverlinksvenues.online.red61.com.au/event/829:2067/

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