Judy Johnson

Dempsey and I started at ONE FM in the early 90’s. It was quite different than it is today. We did the Sunday Morning Country program that KT and Ralph do today, plus a couple other programs during the week, at night. Then I was asked if I’d like to do my own program. That’s of how I started and I love it! Dempsey and I did our program together right up until he passed away in 1998. I went on doing my own program, as it was a great help and joy to me to “switch off” and just play my music. During this time we presenters at ONE FM did fundraising at the Bingo Centre, ran the Driven in Movie Theatre and had a raffle every month at our Country Music Days at Mooroopna to help keep us on air. I was working at a local Hospital, and I would finish work and then go straight out to the station to do my program from 3 to 5 o’clock every Wednesday. It was great. Then I took a break to be a carer for Bill (my ———–) until he passed. Then I came back to enjoy ONE FM once again. I look forward to being at ONE FM for some time to come, as I really love it!